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Meade Xikang Member Management System Application

Meade Xikang Member Management System Application

Customer Name: 泸酒酒 上上 Product: 迈德喜客 Member Management System Launch Area: Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing Launch Time: July 2014 Customer Scale: All “Qingshi” Chain Stores, 11 Points (2) Thousands of squar
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Detailed introduction

Customer Name: Shufu Wine

On-line product: Meide Xikang Member Management System

On-line area: Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing

Online time: July 2014

Customer Scale: All "Qingshi" chain experience stores nationwide, 11 points (over 2,000 square meters)

First, the customer profile

Langfu Wine Co., Ltd. is located in Longmatan District, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province. It is a medium-sized company that integrates production and sales. Langfu Wine Co., Ltd. is composed of two wholly-owned companies: Zhangzhou Xinfu Wine Co., Ltd. and Zhangzhou Qingshi Trade Co., Ltd. constitute. The "Leo Lion" brand is the main force. At the same time, it has registered 9 brands including "Jiucheng Qingshi", "Yanfu", "White Elephant" and "Jade".

“Qingshi” brand brewing process was founded in 1951. The “Qingshi” series products are popular among consumers because of their stable quality. They have been selling well in the market. They are the model of Sichuan scented liquor, and they are the oldest in Yanzhou. Cellar (Luzhou) and Langji (Maoxiang) are also known as "Jiancheng Sanxiang."

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  Second, customer needs

1. Support member management, membership card issuance, transfer, change card, report loss, support member's stored value, discounts, points, support for product promotion and discount management.
2. It is required to support the consumption of more than one card store to support the management of chain stores in the future, and to support each store operator to allow only the data of its own stores.
3, when individual customers spend, they can request to add individual mobile phone records. In the individual consumer statistics, the added mobile phone number can be queried for later contact and sending of preferential information.
4, require a member reminds me.
5, support SMS bulk.
6, statistical reports can be queried: cash, stored value cards, employee performance, the amount of loans, the number of cards sold, the amount of consumption.
7. The software can combine the employee's commission with the sales performance calculation.
8. When the software inventory is zero, it cannot be consumed.
9. The implementation of the headquarters of unified allocation of products.
Third, Meide Xikang Member Management System Solution
1. Meide Xikang Member Management System supports adding members, modifying membership card information, renewing fees, changing cards, transferring funds, reporting loss, and inquiring about member information. It supports the selection of preferential methods when the members store value, and offers different discounts to the different stored-value amounts of the members. Supports different membership discounts for pedicures and products and supports the use of different points for different products.
2. The Meide Xie Member System member's stored value point management system is a C/S architecture. The original design concept is to cross-store consumption and support the use of membership cards in different stores, and will also benefit the Qingshi Wine Experience Hall. The expansion of the branches only needs to increase the number of users of the system, and support the software system to directly and smoothly transition to each branch. The system supports the assignment of rights to operators. It can specify that an operator only allows the operation or query of data of a store. The person in charge can query the consumption data of all stores and all members, as well as the performance of all sales personnel.
3. In the personal consumption of the Meide Xikang Member Integral Management System, the individual name and contact number are allowed to be entered and stored, and the individual mobile phone is allowed to send a text message to the individual mobile phone when the individual customer is queried. Receive latest promotions at any time to more effectively promote casual customers as full members.
4. When the Guest Management System logs in, an alert dialog box will pop up automatically, including appointment reminders, birthday reminders, and membership card expiration reminders. Allow users to understand these important or urgent information for the first time every day, so as to avoid omissions, promptly remind the staff to work and prepare for work, remind members to renew their fees, and regularly send blessings to members.
5. The Meide Happiness member management system supports sending text messages to members, promptly informing members of in-store events, promotions, or latest products or services, so that members can keep up-to-date with the latest developments in stores. Let members feel more care and attention, and get customers closer to members.
6. Member consumption report: In the member consumption statistics of the Meide Xik membership management system, there are time zones, preferential methods, membership cards, membership card levels, and stores. Contains four major reports: membership consumption summary, member consumption details, member consumption rankings, members recent consumption. It is easy to understand what are the regular customers and which customers have not been to the store for a certain period of time.
7. Cash collection statistics: According to different payment methods, such as cash, membership cards, etc., you can check the amount of daily sales, the amount of money spent by members each day, the amount of cash received each day, and the amount of money received by your membership card.
8, Maide Xika membership management system, because the products of Qingshi Liquor are basically physical goods consumption, so in the inventory system increases the module to control the product negative stock consumption, so that the unified delivery from the headquarters can prevent The operator's misoperation also prevents the occurrence of stock and counterfeit goods.
9, Maide Xikang member management system, there are introducer reward function can be the old customer's friend's relatives of the card and the old customer's card to do, whenever the two associated cards produce consumption will be set according to the rules of the introduction People can earn points, and points can be redeemed for gifts. This maximizes the enthusiasm of consumers and is also recognized by consumers. Introducer rewards can be expanded up to 5 levels.
Fourth, application effect
After adopting the MID Xikke Member Stored Value Credit Management System, Qingshi Liquor standardized the business management process, improved the membership management, effectively narrowed the distance between its members and truly achieved the goal of transparent management and refinement. Allows operators to easily inquire about the sales status of products in the store, membership points, sales staff performance, etc., to facilitate business operators to understand the operating dynamics, and to provide an effective and objective data base for future adjustments of service projects, development of promotion programs, and preferential activity plans. .
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