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Maide Xikang Member Management System Application Yimin Caishi

Maide Xikang Member Management System Application Yimin Caishi

Customer Name: Chengdu Yimin Vegetable Market Asset Management Co., Ltd. On-line Product: Meide XiKer Member Management System On-line Area: 27 Yimin Caishi Store in Chengdu Online Time: October 2012
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Customer Name: Chengdu Yimin Vegetable Market Asset Management Co., Ltd.

On-line product: Meide Xikang Member Management System

On-line area: 27 Yimin Caishi stores in Chengdu

Online time: October 2012 to present

Customer Scale: 27 chain stores, more than 50 points (40,000 square meters)

Meide Xikang Member Management System is applicable to the management of members in the Super Business Industry. Comprehensive functions: including membership management, membership card management, stored value management, discount management, point management, short message sending, product management, data capture, print ticket and other functions. Meide Xikang Member Management System is a powerful management tool for super-business enterprises to manage information, improve management efficiency and increase operating efficiency.

First, the customer profile

Chengdu Yimin Vegetable Market Asset Management Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Yimin Company) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Chengxiang Business Logistics Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., and Yimin Company is responsible for the requirements of the municipal government and the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Chengdu Municipality. State-owned vegetable market assets management. At present, 27 cities in Yimin Caicheng have been established in the downtown area of ​​Chengdu City, of which 16 are using the new market model of “field-enterprise cooperation” and 22 Yimin Huimin vegetable shops have been built. The city's Yimin outlets have a total business area of ​​nearly 40,000 square meters. According to the development plan for the next three years, the Commercial and Material Investment Group will build more than 50 fresh supermarkets for farmers in the city and gradually enter the suburbs (cities) and surrounding cities and counties to create a professional cold chain logistics distribution platform. To build a modern retail terminal system for new agricultural products in our city.

II. Corporate Appeals and Solutions

1: customer needs

Yimin Caishi is a new type of farmer's supermarket. It has changed the way of selling agricultural products at the farmers' market stalls. Vegetables, meat, rice noodles, and grain and oil are placed on the shelf for citizens to purchase, centralize and weigh, unified cash register, and unified management. And the consumption time is concentrated, and the number of stores is constantly increasing. The traditional cashier management model has been unable to adapt to its development.

After learning about the problems faced by Yimin Caishi, our company actively proposed corresponding solutions for it. In the project, based on the localization and development of Yimin Caishi, our company put forward the suggestion of using Xikang Member Management System, which was highly recognized by Yimin Caishi, and finalized the cooperation relationship.

2: Implementation plan

The management of Yimin Caishi includes the purchase and sale of commodities and cash register management. Based on the characteristics of Yimin Caishi, our company has put forward the following implementation plan:

1, because its Invoicing management contains special functions such as weighing and metering loss, and Yimin vegetable market has installed a set of software dedicated to this function. Our company's engineers use the data capture function of the hibernation member management system, directly Capture the final charging amount of its invoicing and management software to the Xiked member management system, and then enter the routine consumption, points and other membership management processes, eliminating the need for a large amount of customized development expenses for Yimin Caishi.

2. Considering that the use of two sets of software may cause tedious operation and other issues, our company's engineers set up a cash register interface for the consumer cash register to display the cash register interface of the invoicing software. It does not change its usage habits at all, only when the member After the card is swiped, the consumer deduction interface of the hibernation member management system will automatically pop up, completing the deduction of the membership card and the integral operation. Compared to its cashier, the cashier only needs to press the confirmation button twice more to complete all operations.

3. In order to solve the problem of concentration of consumption time and the problem of long queues for the public, our company’s engineers advised Yimin Caishi to set up a payment channel for member cards at the cash register of each market, and members of the public who swipe their cards to buy food would only need to recharge the card. , you can use the same card as a bus, and you can pay by simply swiping your card. This saves the public’s queuing time and saves you the hassle of finding change.

4. The original design concept of the Xika Member Management System is to cross-shop consumption, support the use of membership cards in different stores, and facilitate the expansion of the branch stores after Yimin Caishi. It only needs to increase the number of users of the system, and supports the software. The system smoothly transitions to each branch. The system supports the assignment of rights to operators. It can specify that an operator only allows the operation or query of data for a store. The person in charge can query the consumption data of all stores and all members.

3: Application effect

Yimin Caishi used the Meide Xi Ke membership management system to make the business management process more standardized. It also established a membership management system, which is more convenient for people to buy food, and has realized the standardized construction and standardized management of “Yimin Caishi”. , safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, safeguarding the healthy operation of the vegetable market, and thoroughly improving the general public's buying environment.

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