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Hibernation Hotel Management System

Hibernation Hotel Management System

Customer Name: Chengdu Shiwaiteyuan Hotel Co., Ltd. On-line product: Meide Xikang Member Management System Jinyun Version On-line area: Hotels and related consumer establishments On-line time: 2014-7-
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Customer Name: Chengdu Shiwai Taoyuan Hotel Co., Ltd.

On-line products: Maide Xikang Member Management System Jinyun Edition

On-line area: Hotels and related consumer sites

Online time: 2014-7-22

Customer Scale: A 5-star hotel with 5,000 employees and 15 software installations.

First, the customer profile

Chengdu Xanai Taoyuan Hotel is the first Han Tang culture theme hotel in China. It is designed by a team of Singaporean Chinese designers. It has the world's most complete and advanced guest room intelligence system, intelligent automatic fresh air system, all-intelligent toilet technology, bathroom atomized glass technology. , Automatic curtain control technology, and both luxurious and classical decoration style and majestic architectural appearance, an area of ​​170,000 square meters, determined to build China's national top hotel brand, with long Chinese ambition, let the world see China's pride, Chinese culture The fineness.

Located at the intersection of Chengdu's Yihuan Road and Kehua North Road, the hotel has 526 luxurious rooms that can accommodate 3,000 people for meetings and meals at the same time. The hotel is fully equipped with all the facilities of a top hotel brand. It is equipped with: Xanadu The Grand Theatre, room center, conference center, banquet center, business center, wedding center, recreation and recreation center, entertainment center, Grade A office building. The wedding center can hold 5 large-scale wedding banquets at the same time. It is the largest wedding center in the southwestern region and can simultaneously meet the different needs of elites from all walks of life.

Second, corporate demands and solutions:

1: customer needs

Xanayuan Hotel aims to build a super five-star hotel with the theme of Han Tang culture. There are many members' places of consumption and a variety of products. The traditional management methods cannot keep up with its rhythm. Therefore, the information management plan of the members was put on the agenda. The rigorous management of the Xanadu Hotel put forward the following requirements when selecting the new system:

1. The software can register customer's detailed information, can inquire the consumer's consumption information, the consumption record, the membership card use situation.

2. The software can store credit card consumption, there are different types of cards can set different rules.

3. In different places of use, swiping cards can have different points rules and different discount rules.

4. The use of software chain, from the operator to the department manager to IT managers can set different operating privileges.

5. The financial department and the management department can check the consumption situation of all the places of use, the status of card swiping, various types of statements and so on.

6. Software and membership cards must have very high security.

7. The software supplier's after-sales service ability is stronger, and at the same time, the staff of the hotel must be trained.

In the case that the above hard targets cannot be changed, the Xanadu Hotel has undergone multiple comparisons and test trials, and finally decided to choose to cooperate with our company.

2: Solution

In terms of system deployment, according to the format and member management mode of Xanayuan Hotel, and in accordance with the special requirements of the hotel management on product functions, our company’s business specialists recommend the use of the Xikang Member Management System, which will be used as a card. The security of the IC card, from software, card readers, IC card three-party encryption, to achieve its ultra-high security requirements. In terms of system implementation, functions are fully configured by our company's professional after-sales engineers according to the hotel's usage habits and requirements, such as setting up different store rules, different discounts and points rules, different places of consumption rules, and different administrators' operating authority. Waiting, and then conduct professional training, so that the hotel can use the system in the fastest time possible.

3: Application effect

The Xanayuan Hotel Member Management System has been running so far. It has issued 500 VIP cards of various types. The use of the stores is normal, the members respond well, and the management is extremely smooth. The management team has treated our company's hibernation membership management system solutions and technical support. And after-sales support gave a high rating.

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