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IC cards and CPU cards are highly secure and can integrate access control, elevators, parking, consumption, attendance, patrols, smart channels, etc. into a single system, without the need for network
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With the continuous improvement of corporate management awareness, management models based on the use of card certificates have become increasingly widespread. Barcode cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless ID cards, and non-contact IC cards are used in patrols, access control, expenses, parking, club management, and other forms to display their unique functions in intelligent community management. After 2010, the mainstream card type should be an IC card, but the development of the CPU card is also very fast. It is a trend. The IC card has a wide range of applications. On the one hand, it has a high degree of security; the other is mainly to give it a single card. It is convenient to integrate access control, elevators, parking lots, consumption, attendance, patrols, and smart channels into a single system, without the need for networking to realize the functions of the single card.



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