RFID anti-metal tag

RFID anti-metal tag

PCB tag,Long Strips tag,PCB anti metal tag
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Long Strips PCB Anti metal UHF RFID Tag label

Based on independent intellectual property development, adapt tag to work with global frequency range
Linearly polarized design with ultra-high read rates in a particular direction, high sensitivity tag identification
High security performance, has a globally unique identifier (TID code)


Widely used in retail, logistics, production management, asset management


Model P9525
Air Interface Protocol EPC global C1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-6C
Operation Frequency 902-928mhz
Size 95x 25 x 3 (mm) or customized
Weight 20g
Max Read Distance 8 meter(stationary type);2-3.5meter(handset)
On metal or Balanced on matal and banlanced
Memory EPC≥96bits,User Momery 512bits
Protection grade IP65
Quakeproof grade MIL STD 810-F BS EN 60068-2
Fixed form 3M gum
Lifetime of sticker 10 years
Applications remote,severe environment,Outdoor asset management


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