Rfid Inlay Sheets/ Prelam LF/HF/UHF

Rfid Inlay Sheets/ Prelam LF/HF/UHF

Rfid Inlay Sheets/ Prelam LF/HF/UHF
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MIND offers the Inlay sheets, suitable for ISO format PVC and PET cards or tags, deliverable with most common semiconductors


Standard sheet size is 290mm x 480mm, 305mm x 480mm, 305mm x 460mm

Other size: A4, A3 or customized size

Inlay sheet thickness is 0.45/0.5/0.6mm


 Available antenna techniques include copper coils, etched Aluminum antennas and US embedded wire coils Special layouts to match subsequent producer's needs are available on request.



1) Chip name: F08, C50, Mifare S50, Mifare ultralight ev1, I code 2, TK4100, EM4200,T5577, Alien Higgs-3 etc.

2) Protocol: ISO14443, ISO15963, ISO18000

3) Thickness: 0.45/0.5/0.6mm or customized 

4) Layout: 2*5, 2*4, 3*6, 3*7, 3*8, 4*6, 4*7, 4*8, 5*5 or customized

5) Production lead time: 7-10 days after approval 


2 years warranty period and on time delivery service provided.

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