Inkjet printer PVC Card with LF HF UHF chip

Inkjet printer PVC Card with LF HF UHF chip

Waterproof Inkjet printer PVC Card with LF HF UHF chip
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What is inkjet PVC card? 

MIND Inkjet PVC Cards have a special nano-coating on surface, it can absord ink. Therefore, it can print on inkjet printer such as Epson, Canon printer, about suitable printer, please check models as below:

Suitable printer models

Epsonprinter:L800,R320,R310,R350,R380,R390,R270,R280,R285,R290,Rx680,t50,t60,A50,P50 etc

Canon printer: PIXMA,IP4600,IP4680,IP4760,IP4850,IP4950,IP4840,IP4940,IP4820,IP4920,IP4880 etc.


- With special nano-coating on surface

- Printable on Inkjet printer directly

- Writable with pen


- Waterproof 

-Convenience(you can print it in ordinary household printer, so you don’t need to buy a professional printer)

Mind Inkjet Card welcome customized printing and we offer many personalization options.

It can be added to rfid chip in 125Khz/13.56Mhz/860-960Mhz frequency.




•pvc with nano-coating


•85.5*54mm as credit card; customized; irregular shape


•0.2-1.8 or customized thickness


•Inkjet printing directly by Epson/Canon printers

Card type

•Barcode card, magnetic card, blank card, blank chip card, thick id card etc.


 •Optional,such as F08,TK4100,TK28,MF 1K,etc.


Packaging: 200pcs/box, 10boxes/carton for standard size card or customized boxes or cartons as required

Lead time: 7-10 days after approval for standard printed cards, if required perso jobs, it will be decided on the perso types.


7 days fast delivery and 2 years warranty period services are provided.

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